March 2018 Black Belt test group photo

March 2018 Black Belt Test

Black Belt Test and Graduation Ceremony on March 10th, 2018 at San Francisco Headquarters:

Almost forty students gathered to display their skills and progress at the March 10th Black Belt test. As a testament to Grandmaster Wong’s ability to challenge and nurture his students, we had a huge number of higher degrees. In all, ten tested for their Black Belts, ten for 1st Degree, five for 2nd Degree, three for 3rd Degree, eleven more for 4th -6th degree.

Students participating in the exam were required to display their abilities from kicking, stance work, self-defense applications, grappling, throwing, breaking, to illustrating their hand and weapons forms, as well as having to go through the physical conditioning challenge from sit-ups to horse stance, from palm to panther fist push-ups for each Black Belt level involved.

Congrats to all students who took the rigorous challenge and graduated to Black Belt and higher degrees. Special congratulations to students testing this day who’ve been with the Academy for more than 20 years:  David Spivack, Bonnie Sid, and Greg Chuck: receiving 4th, 5th and 6th degree Black Belt awards. And, special congrats to families testing together:  Danielle Lewis and her daughter Gwen; David Spivack and his daughter Arielle; and Sihing Michael Bauld and his Dad, William Bauld.

Long time students, competition and performance team members Tayler Lim, William Bauld and Les Allen received 3rd Degree Black Belts, Thomas So, Gabriella Sarrouh and Stephanie Lowe received their 4th Degree Black Belts, and Sihing Wesley Prager received his 5th degree Black Belt.

A number of our Instructors displayed all-star knowledge and skill, raising the bar and motivating all who watched: Sijeh Katrina Seto, Sihing Will Lee, and Sihing Michael Bauld, all received Instructor level 4th Degree Black Belts,

The level of skill displayed over the long day of testing as well as the degree of encouragement and support that came from the participants, family and friends attending, and the Instructors conducting the exam, demonstrated how Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy is not just a school but a community. 

Congrats to these dedicated graduates below who have now achieved their Black Belts, 1st and 2nd Degrees, and after years of dedication as well, have displayed refined skills and improved their all-around health and fitness through Kung Fu.  


Black Belt

Madeline Belew
Kaia Boyer
Olivia DePenaloza
Julia Howe
Teodor Kolesnikov
Gwen Lewis
Danielle Lewis
Christopher Lim
Maddox Naca
Dahlia Starr

1st Degree

Dana Beigel
Jonathan Fujian Billideau
Maya K. Ellis
Casey D. Felton
Adel Khan
Brandon Kahn
Natacha Noguivi
Elias Sammons
Arielle Spivack
Leo Zemskov

 2nd Degree

Anthony Alisantosa
Elizabeth Bush-Peel
Tripp Garrish
Ryan Wei Kiet Ng
Jacqueline Zuckut