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Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Black Belt Test - March 28th, 2015


On Saturday, March 28th, nearly 50 Bay Area Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy students gathered for our Spring Black Belt Test.  Twenty-two came to earn their very first Black Belts, while thirteen students returned to achieve their 1st, nine their 2nd, nine more their 3rd, four their 4th, and one his 5th Degree. Over the six-hour test, the sifus kept the candidates busy with hand and weapon sets, technique drills, self-defense applications, board-breaking, and, after they were good and tired, endurance demonstrations.

Several of our Instructors tested this time: Sijehs Monica Gonzales and Rachel Wong both attained their 4th Degrees. Monica joined Tat Wong at the age of 8, and Rachel at 4. Rachel’s brother, Elijah, also tested, getting his 2nd degree.

In other family news, Kung Fu mom Nicole Snebold and her daughter Kosara became Black Belts together, forming, with Mark and Jarrod, a complete family of black belts. William Bauld caught up to his son, sihing Michael, at 2nd degree, but will have to savor this briefly, for sihing will be moving up a degree this summer. Sifu Maritza Gray’s daughter, Abra, became a black belt. Like her mom, Abra began as a tiger and stuck with it through thick and thin. Other family members testing together were Evan and Ryson Sun, Jagminder and Manminder Shergill, and Jorge and JonCarlo Salinas-Tognetti.

Afterwards, family & friends gathered for the evening’s Traditional Tea Ceremony with Grandmaster Tat Mau Wong. Candidates served tea to Grandmaster Wong, and received their belts and words of wisdom.

The accomplishment of receiving a Black Belt is a memory that lasts a lifetime. Join us in Congratulations to all of our March 2015 Black Belts!  (see list below)




Greg Chuck


Monica Gonzales
Leah Leiner
Bonnie Sid
Rachel Wong


Nathan Ju
Eric J. Lee
Stephanie Chea-Yee Lowe
Satya Wati Narayan
Mutsutaka Osowegawa
Manminder Shergill
Jagminder Shergill
Jason T. Wong


William Bauld
Wayne Duquaine
Heidi Hagler
Andrea Ho
Tyler Joe
Alexander D. Lee
Jorge Salinas-Tognetti
Chet Stromberg
Elijah K. Wong


Karim Ahmed
Darwin Chan
Lowen Cleofe
Josh Horowitz
Brandon Huynh
Steven Kao
Dmitri Korablev
Samantha Lum
Jhaneza Mitra
Tim Summers
Reza Surjana
Vicky Ung
Sherena Young


Claire Art
Kosara Blagoyevich
Xavi Boluna
Amanda Burgess
Dmitri Chechik
Austin Chew
Brandy Ix Dzib
Kimberly Huitzil Dzib
Shane Esters
Abra Nuvia Gray
Bryson Lew
Brandon Liu
Megan Liu
Karter Martinez
Thien-Tiennam Questin Nguyen-Do
JonCarlo Salinas-Tognetti
Nicole Snebold
Evan Sun
Ryson Sun
Christopher Warner
Gavin Westland
Kevin Wong