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The Summer 2013 Black Belt Test was held on July 27th at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy San Francisco, California headquarters. 

Forty-nine students from the Bay Area Academies of San Francisco, San Mateo and Concord came together for the test. Twenty-two tested for Black Belt and eleven tested for 1st degree including Kung Fu Mom Virginia McGuigan who shared with us her thoughts on achieving 1st Degree and taking the Kung Fu journey together with her son Kevin (see below).  2nd and 3rd Degrees each had eight students reaching this amazing achievement.

Under the direction of Master Wong along with Sifu Jeff Chow, Sifu David Law, Sifu Felipe Godoy, Sifu Maritza Gray and Sifu Alex Cardenas; candidates were taken through a rigorous day of techniques, self-defense, sparring, kicking, hand & weapon forms, board breaking and strength & endurance challenges.

Following theTraditional Black Belt & Tea Ceremony, family, friends, classmates & Black Belts celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy with a special cake that featured the current Academy logo & the original ’Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Institute’ logo from 1983.

The July 2013 Black Belt Test was the perfect example of Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy’s “30 Years of Kung Fu Excellence”.

See Virginia’s report & list of graduates below.

Photos courtesy of Bill Bauld …Thanks!

* Virginia McGuigan- 1st Degree BlackBelt & Kung Fu Mom *

My son Sihing Kevin started Kung Fu first.  After he earned his 1st Degree Black Belt, I decided it was time for me to join.  And finally the day came when it was my turn to test for 1st Degree Black Belt.

Test day - I was nervous and anxious before I arrived at the school.  I was crying on the inside but hoped I looked calm on the outside. I didn’t want anyone to see how tense I really was. It was nerve-wracking to think about what I needed to know and what I was going to have to perform. I knew I had to dig deep to find my strength and just do it.  If my instructors believed in me, I should believe in me too. I was scared to do this by myself, but when I got to the school, I could see I was not alone.  My classmates were there to support me.  Their strength and energy provided me with the get-up-and-go momentum I needed to begin my test for 1st degree black belt.

What an experience! By the end of the day when we started the conditioning, every crunch, every push up, every kick, was tough yet I knew I could do it.  I kept digging deeper to keep pushing on.  The test was exhilarating, challenging, frightening, truly exhausting and most of all - worth every minute!

When my son, Sihing Kevin who is now 3rd degree, presented me with my 1st degree black belt and placed it around my waist, I couldn’t stop smiling.  Needless to say – I was elated, grateful and very proud. My smile was from ear to ear.  And even still, every time I think about that moment, a HUGE smile appears on my face.  I love it!

Since Kevin began Kung Fu, we have traveled to many places together (Hong Kong, Brazil and Disney World) all centered around Kung Fu.  These trips were such great experiences and we still talk about them. Participating in tournaments and watching my son excel is exciting. Sometimes I am more nervous for him than for myself. Fantastic memories!

To be a Kung Fu mom of an incredible Kung Fu athlete is… well…amazing.  I am PROUD to be called his mom.  Not only do I get to enjoy working out at the Academy with him and being instructed by him, I get to watch him train, teach, participate in tournaments, parades and demo team events. And I have had the honor of watching him through four black belt tests and the achievement of his 3rd Degree.  He is so talented; he makes it all look so easy. I admire his calmness and determination.  I am Sihing Kevin’s MOM and proud of it.




Logan A. Powers
Max Shen
Courtney N. Yee
Josh Castro
Spencer Chin 
Russ Cleveland
Evan Fraser
Brandon Huynh
Collin Lee
Darren Sun
Erik Tyryshkin
Zakary Yim
Kurtis Yim
David Fang
Lowen Cleofe
Devin Foo
Moorea Annabelle Martin
Denise Mitchell  
Jhaneza Mitra     
Tony Price
Reza Surjana
Christopehr Luk  

 Virginia McGuigan
Kevin Au
Lianne Chau
Benjamin Cheung
Andrea Ho
Jenna Kiyasu
Dara Mar
Sabrina Jajeh
Tyler Joe
Jorge Salinas-Tognetti 
Connor Gillette Bredehoft

Paul Lee
Daphne Yuen
Justin Yuen
Jagminder Singh Shergrill
Manminder Singh Shergrill
Shaheer Siddiqui
David Leong
Taylor Leong

Alex  Jayson Catiggay
Danica A. Seto
Steve Cikes
Robin Yee
Monica Gonzales
Jana La'nae Emmons
Anthony Gumberg
Morgan Yee


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